Now best known as a turntablist, Keltech has been producing drum&bass and Hip Hop since 1991 and released many 12" records
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DJ Keltech Solo Album
"Strike Back"

The ground breaking new scratch album from DJ Keltech
Limited copies available

Fader Food 12"
Scratch tool 12" from DJ Keltech

Keltech & Johnny B 12"

12" & CD OUT NOW!

Drum&Bass Archive
complete Keltech Drum&bass release archive from 1995-2003 over 60 tunes!!

The Name album 2003
Keltech & Johnny B 12"
Johnny B on the vocals/lyrics 
Keltech on Production
album available now "The Name"


Keltech & Johnny B
UK heads remember Grangehill in the 80's?

Rhyme Hungry EP 2001
Keltech & Johnny B 12"

Johnny B on the vocals/lyrics 
Keltech on Production

Come Up For Air

Made the beat by remixing DJ Premiere loop off the new Gangstarr album.
re-sequenced the beat and added extra percussion and FX.
The scratching is a little messing in places, I will redo it when I get more time.
by the way vocal samples are from the legendary Steve Dee, Rob Swift and Qbert
isrc code (GB MWJ 06 000

One Man And His Deck

A short 100% skratched tune,even the beat is scratched
 just using two decks and a sequencer
out on "Return of the DJ 5.5" Bomb Hip Hop Records USA

Leading Giants Into Battle

a dark skratch track
Keltech wrote this tune just after coming back from the DMC championships 
in Glasgow May 2003 its about battling.... 
the scratched sample is Chester P (Jellyfish kiss) Drum scratching by Keltech
isrc code (GB MWJ 06 0007

Title Keltech's Drum&Bass MP3's MP3

Pyraplastic Past

a look back at Keltech's past drum&bass productions
a CDROM of 60 all full length tracks is available more details 
to order click here

Pyraplastic Past web version

another look back at more of Keltech's past productions lo fi quality (mono)

KELTECH BIO Background info and photos  

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