DJ Keltech Welsh DJ and music producer

 The ground breaking scratch album from DJ Keltech

A fusion of turntablism and midi studio production each track is built from scratch (no pun intended). scratched drums, guitars, synths, keyboards. Take the inspiring Hip Hop track “Dream Weaver” for  example, a scratched drum beat tightly fused with a drum&bass style chorus and sick emcee rhymes.  You won’t of heard any tune quite like this before incorporating  turntablism, hip hop and drum&bass under one roof with such subtlety!! Keltech ripped up the rule book when it came to creating this master piece you would be hard pushed to find any album of this diversity from one artist and what sets it apart from the rest is you can see from the videos how the tracks were created via the turntables.
It’s quite simply Keltech’s most creative and best work to date, if you like his infamous scratch videos you will love hearing the full length versions!

1  Keltech Strikes Back 9  Dream Weaver 
2  Sunset 10 Invaders from Outta Scratch 
3  El Captian (skit) 11 Anyone for Cuppa  
4  Pimp my Horse 12 Speaking with my hands
5  Cerveza and Olives 13 Plucking Hell 
6  My Conscience 14 Them Bones 
7  Bionic Breaker   15 Outro
8  What Ya Think (skit) 16 +  bonus extras only available on CD version

Includes full length studio recordings of these classic DJ videos
If you like the videos you will love this album

released in 2005


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 DJ Keltech Strike Back Album

You may well have seen a video doing the rounds on the internet a while back of some crazy wrist bending antics by some guy dressed as Lord Vader… or was it man like Darth after all? Well, building on his success, DV alias Keltech has released a mixtape entitled “Strike Back”.

Kicking off with the routine which started off this whole shebang, Keltech butchers up some Star Wars-ish in a unique blend of semi-comedy / sublime skill. It’s not long though before he’s displaying more than just quirky routines, as “Sunset”, the self produced flamenco guitar driven track proves. Still the quirky routines do rock the spot though, with “Pimp My Horse” being the best! Cutting up Black Beauty in some kind of Hiphop / Rock fusion works like Marmite and cheese (try that shit!). There’re even tracks with his partner in crime Johnny B and some versatility displaying Drum & Bass tracks such as the Calypso sounding “Cerveza And Olives”.

Keltech is indeed a jack of all trades and a master of most, displaying turntablist skills, production board ability and an ear for unique concepts. After the “Strike Back” where will he go next? Could be interesting!

Keltech is indeed a jack of all trades and a master of most